clear braces

The Future of Braces is Clear

At Norton Orthodontics, we offer personalized clear braces that are as unique as you. Dr. Norton uses the latest techniques to ensure your experience in our office is both comfortable and efficient.

What Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces at Norton Orthodontics offer a blend of efficiency and subtlety. They function much like traditional metal braces but come with an added dash of discretion.

Instead of eye-catching metal, our clear braces feature brackets that blend with the natural color of your teeth. This makes them far less conspicuous, allowing you to work on that perfect smile without making it the talk of the town.

clear braces

The Mechanics of
Clear Braces

Our clear braces gently apply force to your teeth, guiding them into more aligned positions over time. Your journey starts with a free consultation at our Bonita Springs, Port Charlotte, or Cape Coral office.

Our skilled team will capture digital images of your oral landscape—say goodbye to messy molds—and take a couple of X-rays for a comprehensive view of your dental situation. Dr. Norton will assess your smile and use these insights to craft a tailored treatment plan.

After your clear braces are customized, Dr. Norton will secure the brackets to your teeth and link them with a thin archwire that directs your teeth into their ideal spots.

Periodic visits to our office are vital to ensuring your teeth are moving as planned. These check-ins are generally quick but crucial to the success of your treatment!

Setting the Bar for
Clear Braces

At Norton Orthodontics, we're setting the bar with 3M Clarity clear braces that fit your teeth seamlessly. Our focus on efficient treatments means fewer office visits for you and your family, making your life a little easier.

Raise Your Standards with Clear Braces

  • Speedy Solutions: Custom-fitted braces designed for your unique smile
  • Precision Perfection: Advanced digital planning and high-quality brackets
  • Perfect Fit: Digital scans ensure your braces fit like a dream

Clear vs. Metal: Pick Your Perfect Smile

Our clear braces offer the ultimate in subtle elegance, even surpassing traditional ceramic options.

These transparent wonders can straighten teeth without drawing unwanted attention. Their small components and tooth-colored material make them nearly unnoticeable. You might forget you're wearing them, but you'll appreciate the comfort and efficiency they add to your smile makeover.

Next-Level Teeth Alignment

Experience a snug fit and quicker outcomes, making your treatment a walk in the park.

This is the next wave in teeth alignment—more streamlined, tailored to you, and far more convenient than traditional options.

Why Choose Clear Braces?

Clear braces at Norton Orthodontics offer a host of perks that make them a top choice for your orthodontic needs.

Low-Key Looks

Our clear brackets harmonize with your natural tooth color, making them far less visible than their metal counterparts. This lets you carry on with your day without considering your braces.

Precise Corrections

Clear braces from Norton Orthodontics fix various dental issues, from crooked teeth and gaps to overbites and underbites. Dr. Norton crafts each treatment plan to tackle your specific dental challenges, setting you on the path to a fantastic smile.

Built for Comfort

Clear braces from Norton Orthodontics feature brackets with smooth edges. This minimizes discomfort to your cheeks and gums, making your orthodontic journey more pleasant.

Resist Discoloration

The materials in our clear braces are engineered to resist stains, ensuring your braces keep their clear appearance throughout your treatment.

Braces You Can Bank On

Norton Orthodontics' clear braces are both sturdy and dependable. You can count on them to move your teeth into ideal positions for a lasting, beautiful smile.

Get to Know More About Clear Braces

At Norton Orthodontics, we often recommend clear braces for older teens and adults. It's all about getting a straighter smile without the metallic shine.

After Dr. Norton examines your teeth, we'll pinpoint the ideal approach to brighten your smile. Are you eager to begin? Schedule a free consultation with us at Norton Orthodontics.

Visit our Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, or Bonita Springs office to discover if clear braces perfectly match your smile.